The Help Desk was created in 1995  to satisfy the growing need for qualified support in both software and hardware, for the owners of IBM compatible computers (sorry, I don't do Macs). With the new technologies and the easy access to the Internet, many people are faced with a real challenge in learning how to best utilize their computer systems to their fullest potential.

I am dedicated to helping my clients reach the goal of understanding and using computers, and I feel that having a local service which is both inexpensive and convenient is an excellent place to begin.  I have also found it is beneficial to both my clients and me to assist with problems at your residence or business, rather than being required to take your computer to a store or office for repairs.

If you are having issues with viruses/spyware, problems with your email or Internet connectivity, setting up a new system, transferring data to a new computer, or just need some help using the computer or software, all you need to do is call or email me for prompt service.  I can also assist with networking, file sharing, and recommend backup practices to keep clients from losing important data.

I also provide the service of scanning documents like tax records, personal files, business invoices, and other documentation into pdf file format (also can be made searchable and secure).  This makes it easy to retrieve information and have it all in one place.  Imagine, for example, having all your past tax returns, and supporting documentation in one file, and all you have to do is search for one particular year to find and/or print the records, no need to keep and store the original documentation.

Each computer is a little different. If I have a learning curve while servicing your system I don't expect you to pay for it. You only pay for the work I do. It's the only fair way to do business.

I offer a one time, new customer, first service discount of $25 off the price of your first service.


I first started working with computers in the mid 1960's while troubleshooting and repairing numerically controlled machine tools. In the fifteen years worked on industrial machines tools, programmable logic controllers, and mini-computer based systems, I was able to gain much valuable experience for the eventual troubleshooting and repair of IBM PC computer systems.

In my last position before moving to Maui, I was a PC support technician at a government facility in Colorado, maintaining a customer base of over 3000 personal computer systems. The experience was valuable, not only for the variety of problems that would arise but that we were a beta-test site for such companies as Microsoft, Lotus, and Word Perfect who would provide the latest versions of their software for us to use before it was sold to the general public. This gave us a head start on new software, and also much experience in problem solving. We set up a Microsoft NT network to replace a Novell O/S which had been in place for several years.

As part of my job function, I had an annual membership with Executrain Corp. in order to attend training classes on all the software used at the facility. Training received included all versions of Word Perfect, WP Presentations, MS Word, MS Excel, Lotus, Windows, MS Windows NT Advanced Server, PowerPoint, Freelance Graphics, dBase IV, MS Project, as well as several FAX and communications programs.


I started business on Maui in 1995 servicing customers from first time computer purchasers to established businesses. With the ever increasing popularity of the Internet, people need the resources to purchase and the reference resources for anything you can imagine. The most popular aspect is e-mail. With more people moving from place to place all the time, everyone wants the capability to keep in constant touch with relatives and friends.

Even though computers are more reliable and easier to use than ever before there are still a lot of little "tweaks" a skilled professional can make to increase the speed and performance of a system. As we have more hardware such as re-writable CD-ROM drives, digital cameras, scanners, personal organizers, etc., there is an ever increasing need to provide training on how to use these devices effectively.

I continued serving my Maui customers until relocating to Carmel Valley in January, 2011, and now enjoying Nevada as the new base of operation.

Please Note: All information provided in The Help Desk web site is in easy to understand terms, in my opinion only, and may not necessarily be the only accepted answers or advice.  I will not be responsible for any problems caused from anyone making any configuration or hardware changes to their computer system resulting from information obtained from this web site.  Please contact me prior to using any content from this web site.