October 1, 2018

Just about everyone uses a word processor and, in addition a lot of people use a spreadsheet or database program. Most people and businesses use Microsoft Office for creating and working with these types of files. MS Office has always been expensive as a stand alone program and now, Microsoft is pushing Office 365 which is web based with a monthly fee required in order to use it. Just about everybody uses the files created in these programs in the office format. Word Perfect used to be very popular in the late 80's. It is still around but not used by the majority of users.

What a lot of people don't realize is that there is a suite of free programs which have been around for years which is capable of creating Office formatted files and also work with Office files.

OpenOffice is a great suite of programs which are continually updated and simple to use. There is really no reason to spend a bunch of money for Microsoft Office or Word Perfect when there is a free alternative. Check it out! 

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