Acronis True Image Information.
Acronis Updates.
Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Audacity - Excellent free audio editing software.
Cardfile For Windows 7 & 8 - Use your old Windows Cardfile data in Win 7 & 8.
DeepBurner - CD/DVD burning software (free and Paid versions).
Dosbox - A great program to run old DOS programs on Windows.
Driver Guide Excellent site to locate hardware drivers.
Syncback - My favorite backup and synchronization software (free & paid).
Zone Alarm - Internet firewall (free & paid).
Spybot Search and Destroy - Great spyware removal program (free & paid).
Microsoft Safety & Security Center Spyware Removal Program.
Microsoft Safety Scanner - Free check for system security.
SureThing - Excellent CD/DVD label creator program.
Picasa - Picture viewer and touchup program.
SuperAntiSpyware - A fantastic free program to remove malware from your computer (run periodically to protect your system).
AmDeadLink - Great to check you favorites and bookmarks.  Still works, read instructions.
OpenOffice - Great free alternative to Microsoft Office.
Speccy - A program to get information about what's inside your computer.
Start8 - An inexpensive ($5) program to get your start button back in Windows 8.
Start 10 - The Windows 10 solution to getting back you Windows Start menu.
ModernMix - Another inexpensive ($5) program to be able to run pre-Windows 8 programs in a Windows (like in older Windows versions).
Windows 7 & 8 Gadgets - If you liked the sidebar in Windows Vista, you'll love this free add-on to again give you the sidebar in both newer versions of Windows.
System Explorer - A great program to check out your system.
Belarc Advisor - This free program will give you total system information.
SeaTools - A great diagnostic tool for Seagate drives.
CutePDF - A free program for making your own PDF files and printing protected pdf files (installs as a printer driver on your computer, (also make sure to download CutePDFEditor).
PDF Unlock - An online tool to allow printing locked PDF files.
UnChecky - A great program to assist you when installing software.  It helps make you aware of additional programs an installation program may attempt to install.
Easy Program Updates - A handy utility to make sure all your software is up to date.
GWX Control Panel - Tired of Microsoft attempting to update your computer to Windows 10?  This program is an easy way to stop it.
Image Resizer - An easy way to resize an image without using an image editing program.
Autoruns - There are so many places for programs to hide which start with Windows that even a "geek" has trouble finding them.  This program will help find them.
Hardware Info - Tells you EVERYTHING about your computer hardware.
VLC Free DVD Software - Why pay Microsoft to play DVD's in Windows 10 when there id great free software?


Cleartype setup - Optimize your screen in Windows.
Windows Support - Windows support site (click dropdown on right side for version of Windows you have).
Microsoft Software Download Center - Select your desired downloads. Tweaks for all versions of Windows
Reinstall Internet Explorer - How to reinstall Internet Explorer if necessary.
Windows 10 How To Articles.
Microsoft Software Support. - Windows, Office, Mail, etc.
Windows XP File Association Fixes.
Microsoft Security Scan-Microsoft security scan and assist in virus removal.
Windows Discussion Groups - All later version of Windows.
Malicious Spyware Removal Tool - Microsoft spyware removal tool.
Save Office Files To Use In An Older Version Of Office - Convert Office files to use with older versions of Office
Microsoft Sysinternals - Utilities for Windows.
Win Calendar - Free Excel Calendars
Outlook Connector - Use outlook for your hotmail account also.
Locating Outlook Data Files - How to find your Outlook Data Files.
Rich Copy - Use to control attributes/permissions when copying files.
Windows Speech Recognition Profile Tool - Backup and use to transfer speech recognition files to another computer.
Windows Secrets - A help site with more Windows information.
Ninite - A great site to download Windows apps from a central location, without crapware being installed.
Malicious Software Removal Tool - Microsoft's removal tool for Windows (integrated in through Windows Update).
Microsoft Activation Center - Information on how to activate Microsoft software if you are getting activation or "Not Genuine" errors.
Windows 10 Task View & Virtual Desktops - How to use.
Meet Cortana - A description of what Cortana is.
Turn Cortana Off - How to turn Cortana off in the Anniversary update.
Restore a Windows 7 or 8 image - Restoring an image.
BitLocker - Windows drive encryption.
Update Troubleshooter - Troubleshoot Windows Update problems.


5 Star Shareware - Free and shareware software.
Tucows - Free and shareware software.
CNet - Free and shareware software.
Download - Free and shareware software.
ITShareware - Free and shareware software.
Major Geeks - Free and shareware software.
Open Office - Free Office substitute
Old Versions of popular software
Old Apps  - Another old software version site
PC World - Software downloads
SnapFiles - Free and shareware software.
ZDNet - Free and shareware software.

Internet Stuff

Comcast Connect - Phone, mail, and texting data login for Comcast customers
NOAA photos. - Some fantastic photos from NOAA.
Practically Networked - A good site for information and troubleshooting.
gMail Scam Reporting - Report gMail address sending spam or spoofing
Meta Tag Info and Creation - Great information & tools for meta tags.
Calendars .net - Free Calendar Creation.
Google Calendar - Need a Google account to use.
Keep & Share Calendar - Free online Calendar.
Google Ads Settings - Google's web page to opt-out of ads.
Google Ad Sense - Googles page to set ad preferences and also set advertising industry ads (great for stoping pop ups)
AdBlock Plus - A great browser add-on to stop pop-up ads.
Protect My Choices - Prevents clean up programs from deleting the cookies you use to stop pop-up ads.
GetNotify - A great free way to find out if people have read your emails.

Web Page Authoring

Clipart Heaven - Clipart for web pages.
Free Clipart - Clipart for web pages.
1 Free Clipart - Clipart for web pages.
Color Code Hex Codes - Hex code equivilant for different colors.
HTML Color Converter Convert Hex colors to RGB.
Dynamic Drive - Scripts, CSS codes, etcl for authoring web pages.
Email Riddler - Handy coding to keep your email address safe on your web page.
FavIcon - Create a favorite icon when someone sets a bookmark or favorite to your site.
Free Graphics - Clipart for web pages.
HTML Reference List - Listing of HTML code meanings.
Web Clipart. - Clipart for web pages.
Website Code. - HTML code for web pages.
Keep & Share Online Calendar - Free online calendar to share appointments and dates with others. - Another free online calendar.

Search Engines

All My Faves - A visual listing of many websites.
Google - Search for Internet stuff.
Google Advanced Search - Google's advanced search page
Search Everything - Search for Internet stuff.
Excite - Search for Internet stuff.
Dogpile - Search for Internet stuff.
Domain Lookup - Network Solutions domain lookup information. Domain Lookup Great site to lookup website domain information.
Detailed DNS Lookup - Lookup domain and IP information.
Find Name By Email Address - Lookup people, email addresses, phone nuumbers, etc. (must pay for most of the information)
Free Mail - Says free but charged for most information. - Search for Internet stuff.
Lycos - Search for Internet stuff.
Pipl People Lookup - Lookup people info, again, must pay for most.
Scrub The Web - Search for Internet stuff.
Spam Reporting and Lookup - Barracuda is how most ISP's check for spam.  This site lists known spam sites and has a lot of valuable information.
WebCrawler  - Search for Internet stuff.
Anywho - Free  people lookup (limited info, but good).
Whitepages - Free people lookup by phone, address, name, etc.
Yellowpages - An online yellow page lookup for businesses, etc.


C|Net - Internet speed test.
DSL Reports - Speed test and information.
Bandwidth Place - Another speed test.
Wireless Networking Information - A good resource for network hardware, configuration, etc.
Internet Security Checks - Test the security of your system.
PC Pitstop - Internet speed test.
Shields UP! - Internet Connection Security Analysis (Click on the Shields Up link) - Broadband tweaking and resources - Internet speed test.
PC Pitstop Speed test - Internet speed test.
Whats My IP Address  - Get your IP and more.
Xfinity Speed Test - Xfinity users can use this to test their download and upload speeds.
Xfinity Modem/Router Setup - How to setup your Xfinity router/modem.

Computer Stuff & Product Support

Computer Memory Information - Great site for getting memory information.
PC Manufacturer Contact Information - Find computer manufacturer information
More PC Contact Information - A good resource for getting computer support.
Belkin wireless router setup.
Canon product support.
D-Link router support. - Great driver download source.
Dell computers - Dell Computer website.
Dell Support - Dell's support site for drivers, etc.
Gateway Support - Get drivers, etc. for Gateway computers.
Hewlett Packard - Drivers and support.
Iomega & Lenovo product support.
Kodak product support.
Linksys Downloads - Drivers & support for Linksys products.
NetGear product support.
CPUID - Free sotware to identify the main hardware components in your computer.

Help Sites

Process Description - Explains Windows programs and system file uses.
Tweaks - Windows & Mac tweaks and information.
BIOS Beep codes - Computer won't start? What the beep codes mean.
BIOS Beep Codes - More beep code information.
Windows Startup Programs List. - Find out what a program in the startup list does.
Computer Hardware Information - Great hardware resource. - Submit computer questions.
DOS Commands - A DOS command resource.  Many commands still work and are the foundation of the Windows operating system.
How to Test A PC Power Supply - Testing a power supply with a VOM.
Get A Digital Email Signature - Information on how to get a digital signature for your email to send encrypted emails to other people (pay service).  Click here for more information.

Virus Stuff

AVG - Free antivirus software.
AVG Virus Dictionary - Lookup virus names and information from AVG.
AVG Support Forum - A forum for AVG users to have questions answered.
Bit Defender - Antivirus software (pay version).
Comcast-Norton Security Suite - Norton for Comcast Customers
Kaspersky Antivirus Software - The best rated antivirus now offering a free version.
Kaspersky Tools - Download free tools to check and repair virus and spyware.
McAfee Software - One of the first antivirus vendors.
McAfee virus Library.
McAfee Virus Threat Search - Enter the name of a threat to get information on that threat.
Norton virus definitions.
Norton Customer Care contacts.
Norton Virus Encyclopedia.
Norton Subscription Renewal.
Spyware removal help.
Malwarebytes - Clean malware off you system even if it's infected.
Microsoft Ad Preferences - Turn off Miicrosoft Ad Settings.
Installing Norton - If you have Comcast (Xfinity) internet service, this link will show you how to install Norton provided by Comcast.
Google Ads Settings - Use for most browsers to help stop Internet ads when browsing.
Google opt out - Permanently save your Google opt out preferences to eliminate Internet ads.
SuperAntiSpyware - Great free program to clean up Internet tracking cookies and delete software which watches your Internet browsing habits.
Kaspersky Free Antivirus - Kaspersky has been known as one of the best antivirus programs and now they have a free version.

Online Purchasing

Costco's web site - Great prices on computers, printers, etc. Have them refill your ink cartridges in the store (1/3 the price of new and considered excellent).
Inkjet refill supplies. - Good prices and most of the time, free shipping.
Best Buy - A good source for PC's and supplies. - Internet shopping like Amazon. - Another long-time Internet electronics store.

Magazines & Info

Computer World
Extreme Tech
PC Gamer Website (Formerly Maximum PC)
PC Magazine
PC World

Reference & Neat Stuff - Handy for converting everything.
EarthCam - Live World camera sites (Cool).
FaxZero - Send a free fax
Time&Date - Get the time and date, weather, etc. anywhere.
Stardock - Make Windows 10 start menus look like earlier versions.

Find People

Super Pages Search.
411 Locate - Yellow Pages - White Pages - Email - Public Records.
AnyWho People Find.
White Pages Find People By Name+
Freeality Reverse lookup.
Welcome to WhoWhere!



Infoquest  (Info for customers)

Control Panel Login  - Super Account
Old Infoquest Web Mail Login.
Infoquest Super Account Webmail.
Infoquest Domain Registration

Please Note: All information provided in The Help Desk web site is in easy to understand terms, in my opinion only, and may not necessarily be the only accepted answers or advice.  I will not be responsible for any problems caused from anyone making any configuration or hardware changes to their computer system resulting from information obtained from this web site.  Please contact me prior to using any content from this web site.