Hardware Links

Rewritable CD Drives (CD burners). This is a great discussion form March 30, 2001. There is a lot of good information here for anyone who has or is thinking of getting a burner. Also has links and details about disks.

Networking Computers. From August 6, 2001, some useful information on networking computers together to share files, printers, and Internet connections.

Considering buying a new PC? This discussion subject from September 13, 2001 will give you some tips for things to look for and consider when purchasing a new computer. 

 Printers. All you need to know about printers and refilling ink jet cartridges for your computer, from January 9, 2002.

What is a 3-1/2" CD? Have you seen those cute little CD's or wondered why your CD drive has the little cup holder in the middle? Maybe you haven't seen the CD's but this discussion from February 2, 2002 contains some information about them.

Refilling Inkjet Cartridges. More information about refilling your inkjet cartridges, from March 18, 2002.

What is Plug-N-Play? If you've wondered what plug-n-play is all about, see the June 13, 2002 discussion.

Networking and Routers. If you are looking for some information on networking computers together for sharing files or Internet connections, then check out the August 3, 2002 discussion.

 Converting VCR to DVD. If you are thinking about alternatives to replace your VCR tapes with DVD's, the December 21, 2002 discussion may be helpful.

What are Drivers? Keep wondering what a driver is and why you need to worry about it, well, the February 4, 2003 discussion will explain it.

Should I Upgrade My Computer? Have you been wondering if it is worthwhile spending the money to upgrade your computer, well, check out this August 1, 2003 discussion to help you decide.

What Is Power Management? What do they mean when they are referring to power management on my computer? This October 10, 2003 discussion will help you understand power management.

Computer Service & Support.  Purchasing a new computer?  Check out this Feb 28, 2004 discussion on vendor support issues.

Networks and Routers.  What's the difference between a router and a hub, and why do I need one?  This April 16, 2004 discussion will answer your questions.

DVD Burners.  What is a DVD burner, and what do you need to look for?  This December 31, 2004 will help you decide.

Linksys Wireless Router Security Setup.  This July 10, 2005 discussion explains how to setup your Linksys wireless router so others can't access it.

Buyer Beware!  A September 10, 2005 discussion of software issues to consider when buying a replacement computer.

Extended Warrantees.  May 5, 2006 discussion about purchasing an extended warrantee with your new computer.

Dual Core CPU's.  July 14, 2006 discussion on dual core CPU's.

India Based Tech Support  From the February 15, 2007 discussion on problems with India based support.

Updating Drivers  A May 31, 2007 discussion on updating drivers, particularly for Windows Vista problems.

Changing Drive Letters in Windows XP and Vista.  A discussion on how to change the drive letters for drives in your computer.

Flash Drives.  A May 1, 2008 discussion on flash drives.

Purchasing a 64-bit Vista system - From the September 1, 2008 discussion on purchasing a new computer with the Vista 64-bit.

More computer purchasing advice - My October 9, 2008followup to the September discussion on purchasing a new computer.

Internet Phone Service - The December 2, 2008 discussion on switching to Internet telephone service.

Disk Utilities - The March 4, 2009 Discussion on using disk utilities to keep your hard drive healthy.

Purchasing a new printer - My May 1, 2009 discussion on how to select a new printer.

New technology - Our February 1, 2011 discussion on whether new technology should affect your purchasing decisions.

What time is it - May 1, 2011 we discuss why it's important to have your computer time and date set correctly.

Increase your router speed - My June 1, 2011 discussion on increasing wireless router connection speed.

External Hard Drives - My September 7, 2011 discussion on external hard drives.

Troubleshooting Problems - My October 2, 2012 discussion on troubleshooting some issues prior to taking your computer to a professional (not intended for novice hardware repair people!!).

CD/DVD Formats - My February 1, 2014 discussion on understanding CD/DVD disks formatting when creating using software.

Partitioning A Hard Drive - My July 1, 2014 discussion on how to partition a hard drive in Windows.

Solid State Drives - My February 1, 2015 discussion on the benefits of solid state drives.

Backing Up Your Smart Phone - My July 1, 2015 discussion on how to backup your smart phone.

Checking Your Power Supply - On March 1, 2016 I discuss how to check your power supple voltages.

Routers Revisited - In August 2017 I discuss the newer types of wireless routers.

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