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ISP Setup. Maui Internet Service Providers setups.

Email Tips and Information.  This discussion subject from
May 30, 2001 provides some useful tips for getting the most from your email.

Internet Browsing.  This July 20, 2001 discussion covers some useful tips to make your Internet Browsing a little easier.

Fast Internet Access.  The October 25, 2001 discussion covers broadband connections (fast Internet connections, usually always on) concentrating on the options we have here, mainly ADSL and Road Runner.

Sending Pictures In Email.  I've had a lot of questions on this subject, so check out the November 29, 2001 discussion.

Internet Chat.  From December 25, 2001 we discuss what Internet chat is.

Setting up an Internet Connection.  The February 20, 2002 discussion will help you through setting up an Internet connection.

Fast Internet Access revisited.  From August 28, 2002, more information on fast Internet access.

  Internet Tips.  The October 10, 2002 discussion will provide a few tips for eliminating some spam and pop-up ads.

 Phone Line Issues.  Phone lines here have been a major source pf problems for modem users.  This March 21, 2003 discussion will provide you with some useful information on the subject.

What is a secure site?  Ever wondered when you are ordering something on the Internet, what it means when it says you are being sent to a secure site?  This May 29, 2003 is a short discussion on this subject.

What is spam?  I'm sure almost everyone knows what spam is, but some of the tips in this June 27, 2003 discussion may be able to help you cope better with it.

What are IP addresses, URL's, etc.  What do they mean by the IP address and what is a URL?  This September 19, 2003 discussion helps clear up some of the confusion.

Internet Security.  This November 11, 2003 discussion focuses on some of the issues involved with being secure when browsing on the Internet with an emphasis on firewalls and why they are important.

Google Search.  This December 16, 2003 discussion give you more options when using Google as your Internet search engine.

Adware & Spyware.  This January 20, 2004 discussion covers what adware and spyware are, how they get installed on your computer and the problems they cause.

Wireless Networking Security.  Is your wireless network safe from prying eyes?  his November 25, 2004 discussing is for you.

 Internet and Email Access Problems.  If you're having problems accessing the Internet or Email when starting up your computer, read this December 3, 2005 discussion.

Internet security suites.  Should you get a security suite or individual programs to be protected on the Internet, this August 13, 2006 discussion covers the subject.

Phishing Scams.  A November 15, 2006 discussion on how to determine if a request to update account information is real.

Email Scams.  From the November 10, 2007 email scam discussion.

Laptop & Router Security.  January 1, 2008 we discuss security setup and software to keep your router and laptop secure.

Email Account Setup.  A February 2, 2008 discussion on setting up your email accounts in Outlook Express, Microsoft Mail, and Microsoft Outlook.

Advanced Web Searching.  From the March 3, 2008 discussion on using advanced searching using Google.

In-Private Web Browsing.  In the August 1, 2010 discussion, we talk about using the In-Private web browsing feature of Internet Explorer.

Website Security Certificates - On November 1, 2010 we discuss website security issues.

Using POP3 Mail With Multiple Devices - My March 1, 2014 discussion about how to use POP3 email with multiple devices.

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