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Shortcut keys.  The May 15, 2001 discussion covers what some of the keyboard shortcuts for Word and Windows.

Should I upgrade to Windows XP? - From November 1, 2001.

Microsoft Backup Issues - My April 18, 2002 discussion on MS Backup issues.

Creating forms in Word.  This July 12, 2002 talks about what forms are used for and why you should use them.

XP is here to stay.  From November 16, 2002, this discussion is about Windows XP. 

Should I update my programs?  This May 15, 2004 discussion covers questions on updating programs.

Word Tips.  From the June 14, 2004 discussion, you'll find these tips for using Microsoft Word to be helpful in your every day use.

Windows XP Service Pack 2.  This August 23, 2004 discussion explains the patch and why you need it. 

More SP2 Information.  An October 26, 2004 follow up to the previous discussion about SP2.

What is The Recycle Bin?  A February 1, 2005 discussion on what the recycle bin is and how to use it.

Going Back In Time.  March 2, 2005 we discuss the system restore feature.

Program Updates.  This June 3, 2005 discussion covers the importance of updating programs.

Changing Word Preferences.  This October 20, 2005 discussion explains how to change some of the most common Microsoft Word preferences.

Using XP's Remote Access.  A January 4, 2006 discussion on how to use the Remote Access feature in Windows XP.

Free Software.  From the February 7, 2006 discussion about whether free software is worth considering.

Windows Vista Progress Report.  March 1, 2006 discussion of the progress of Microsoft's new operating system.

Going back again.  April 6, 2006 discussion going into detail on how to use system restore.

Toolbars & Add-On Programs.  June 3, 2006 discussion on spyware caused problems from add on programs like toolbars, search programs, and misc. type programs.

Ready for Windows Vista?  This December 15, 2006 discussion will help you decide whether to upgrade your system to Vista, or purchase a new computer.

Tips for setting up your new Vista computer.  After going through the aggravation with my new computer, these March 15, 2007 tips may help you with your new computer setup.

Office 2007 - This new version of Office offers challenges for the power users, as discussed on April 15, 2007.

Acronis Restore - July 11, 2007 discussion on how to perform a true image restore.

Acronis Image Mounting - Instructions for mounting a True Image file for viewing or copying files.

Manually Run An Acronis Task - Instructions for manually running a created task in True Image.

To Change An Acronis Task Schedule - Instructions for changing the task schedule.

Replacing Software - September 4, 2007 discussion on how to replace antivirus and utility programs.

Windows Vista Service Pack Update - October 1, 2007 discussion about the service pack for Vista.

Vista System Restore Issues - On April 8, 2008 we discuss Windows Vista System Restore problems.

XP is no more! - The July 1, 2008 discussion on Microsoft no longer offering Windows XP.

Security Suites - August 1, 2008 discussion of using security suites.

Windows 7 beta - November 10, 2008 discussion on Windows 7 beta release.

Windows 7 beta test - February 3, 2009 discussion on my beta test of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Release Candidate test - June 1, 2009 discussion on my beta test of Windows 7 Release Candidate.

Internet Explorer 8 - On August 1, 2009 I explain some of the new features of Internet Explorer 8.

Windows 7 Release - October 1, 2009, Windows 7 will be released the end of the month.

Watch out for Windows 64-bit - December 1, 2009 discussion on the drawbacks of purchasing a computer with a 64-bit operating system.

Internet Explorer 8 features - This March 4, 2010 discussion is a follow up to the initial discussion on IE8.

Office Genuine Advantage Update Issues - The problems created from Microsoft's OGA update have caused a lot of problems, which I discuss in this June 1, 2010 discussion.

Programs to remember your passwords -  Our January 1, 2011 discussion on password and login programs.

Optimizing (speeding up Windows) yourself - Our August 1, 2011 discussion on optimizing (speed up) Windows.

Office Compatibility Pack - My October 3, 2011 recommending Microsoft Office users with older versions of Office get the Compatibility Pack to convert files.

Internet Tracking Issues - In this March 1, 2012 discussion we talk about and add-in for your browser to stop companies from tracking your surfing habits.

Windows 8 Preview - My May 1, 2012 discussion on the public preview of the upcoming Windows 8 release.

Upgrade to Windows 8? - My November 1, 2012 discussion on whether to upgrade to Windows 8.

Windows 8 is here! - My December 1, 2012 starting to give an overview of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Tips #1 - My first (December 1, 2012) discussion on tips for using Windows 8.  More tips follow in the following months.

Windows 8 Tips #2 - My January 1, 2013 second of an ongoing discussion of Windows 8 Tips

Some free useful utilities - My February 2013 discussion on some useful utilities.

Windows 8 Tips #3 - My March 1, 2013 continuing discussion of Win 8 tips covering windows key uses.

Windows 8 Tips #4 - April 1, 2013 continuation of Windows 8 tips.

Windows 8 Tips #5 -  The May 1, 2013 continuation of Windows 8 tips.

Windows 8 Tips #6 - The June 1, 2013 continuation of Windows 8 tips.

Windows 8 Tips #7 - My August 1, 2013 discussion on creating a Windows 8 password using a picture.

More On Creating A Password Reset Disk - The November 1, 2013 discussion as a follow up to a previous discussion on making a password reset disk.

Windows 8.1 Release Problems - In this November 1, 2013 discussion we will cover some of the changes in the first major revision of Windows 8.

More Information on the Windows 8.1 Update - From the December 1, 2013 discussion.

Using Acronis True Image 2013 & 2014 - My January 1, 2014 discussion on using True Image 2013 & 2014

Windows XP Support Ends April 8th - My April 1, 2014 discussion on the end of Microsoft's support of Windows XP.

Operating System Upgrades - In my May 1, 2014 discussion, we look at some of the problems associated with upgrading your operating system software.

Software Installation Tips - My June 1, 2014 discussion on how to install software without including spyware and browser and search modifications.

Compatibility View - My August 1, 2014 of Internet Explorer's compatibility view.

Windows 9 Rumors - In the September 1, 2014 discussion I cover some of the Windows 9 release rumors.

Windows 10 Technical Preview - My January 1, 2015 discussion on the preview of Windows 10.

MS Word Shortcuts - My March 1, 2015 discussion on tips for using shortcuts with Word.

Hidden Start Menu In Windows 8.1 - My Qugust 1, 2015 discusses the hidden start menu in Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 Upgrade - On December 1, 2015 we discuss the good and bad news about the free upgrade to Windows 10.

32 0r 64-Bit Which To Use - My February 1, 2017 discussing 32-Bit vs 64-Bit software.

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys - My March 1, 2017 duscussion on handy shortcut keys when using Microsoft Word.

Windows 10 Built-In Backup - For May 1, 2017 I discuss using the Windows 10 built-in backup program.

Windows God Mode - My June 1, 2017 discussion on setting one place for all the Windows settings.

Downloading Windows To Install Yourself - The July 1, 2018 discussion explains how to do this.

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