Tips Links

Backing up your computer. This discussion subject from May 5, 2001 will give you some tips for backing up your important data and files.

Additional Backup Information.  From the May 11, 2002 discussion on more backup information.

Computer hard drive maintenance.  The April 18, 2001 discussion on how to maintain the health of your hard drive.

Hard Drive Check In Windows XP.  How to check your hard drive (used to be scandisk in previous Windows versions) from the September 15, 2006 discussion.

Windows XP hard drive maintenance.  How to perform a disk check in Windows XP.

Keyboard shortcuts.  This discussion focuses on how to use the keyboard to navigate and function within Windows and application programs instead of chasing everything with the mouse, from May 15, 2001.

Windows active desktop.  What is the active desktop, from August 23, 2001. Windows XP. Shortly after XP was delivered, I wrote this discussion on November 16, 2001.

File Names. Have you ever wondered what the extensions ( the three letters after the name of a file) mean?  The original DOS naming convention used an eight dot three format (maximum of eight letters before the period and up to three after).  Each type of file uses a different extension to tell you what the file is.  This July 3, 2001 discussion gives a list of the extensions.

What's a DLL file?  Ever wondered what a DLL file is and what it does?  The December 13, 2001 discussion will explain it.

Importance of Backing Up - My May 11, 2002 discussion on the importance of backing up.

Online Buying.  This September 23, 2004 discussion covers purchasing computer equipment buying online.

Clean Up your Hard Drive.  Using Disk Cleanup, from April 4, 2005.

Drive Imaging.  A May 2, 2005 discussion on using drive imaging to backup your data and programs.

Customizing the Taskbar.  August 10, 2005 discussion on how to customize the Windows taskbar.

XP Maintenance - My September 15, 2006 discussion of maximizing XP with maintenance tasks.

Consolidating Important Information  Put all your important information in a password protected Excel or Word file as this October 17, 2006 discussion explains.

Spam revisited.  Since spam is getting more prolific, this January 15, 2007 discussion gives more information on how to decrease spam.

Security Suites.  My December 1, 2007 discussion on whether or not to purchase a security suite for your system.

Backups revisited - My January 1, 2009 discussion on backups and drive imaging.

Creating a Windows Vista Password Reset Disk -  My July 1, 2009 discussion on creating a password reset disk.

Be careful out there - September 1, 2009 discussing clicking on email and Internet links.

A New Year 2010 - January 1, 2010 discussion of what the new year might bring.

Email Folder Size - My February 1, 2010 discussion on the importance of keeping email folder sizes in check.

Internet & Email Scams - April 1, 2010 discussion of scams.

Importing and Exporting from Outlook and Outlook Express - From the May 1, 2010 discussion.

Windows Update Settings - My September 1, 2010 discussion on configuring Windows update service.

Website Security Certificate Problems - Our November 1, 2010 discussion on website security certificate errors.

More adware issues - Our March 1, 2011 discussion reiterating the problems associated with adware.

More on using secure Internet sites - My December 1, 2011 discussion on providing personal data using secure Internet sites.

Happy New Year 2012 - My January 1, 2012 tips for a trouble free new year computing experience.

What software is right for me? - My February 1, 2012 discussion on choosing the right software for you application.

Extended Warrantees - My April 1, 2012 discussion on whether or not to get an extended warrantee on a computer system.

Part I, Computers, Cell Phones, & Smartphones - The June 1, 2012 discussion starting a multi-part series on the interface of these devices.

Part II, Computers, Cell Phones, & Smartphones - This is my July 1, 2012 part 2 of interfacing these  devices.

Part III, Computers, Cell Phones, & Smartphones - In August 2012, we discuss smartphone apps.

Part IV, Computers, Cell Phones, & Smartphones - In September 2012, we complete the discussion on smartphones.

Cloud Computing - My July 1, 2013 discussion on cloud based computing.

Speeding up your PC - My September 1, 2013 discussion on tips for speeding up your PC.

Online vs. Local Storage - The October 1, 2013 discussion comparing online vs. local storage of backups and data.

Syncing Outlooks Calendar -  My October 1, 2014 discussion on how to setup Outlook to sync with a Google calendar so you can use it with your smartphone.

Deactivating or deleting a Facebook account - My November 1, 2014 discussion on how to deactivate your Facebook account.

Cleaning Your PC  - My December 1, 2014 discussion on how to do your spring PC cleaning.

Turbocharging Your PC - My February 1, 2015 discussion on Solid State Drives.

Unlocking A Locked pdf File - My April 1, 2015 discussion on how to unlock a locked pdf file if you want to edit it.

Documenting your PC setup - My May 1, 2015 discussion on how to document your PC's setup of hardware and software to have a record in case you need to redo it later.

Internet Ads - This June 1, 2015 discussion gives some tips to help eliminate some annoying ads when surfing on the Internet.

Use Less Printer Ink - In my September 1, 2015 discussion I will give tips on how to save ink and toner in your printer.

Using a Windows 10 Local Account - My October 1, 2015 discussion on how to keep your "stuff" away from prying eyes.  More to follow next month on privacy and security settings.

Windows 10 Security & Privacy - My November 1, 2015 discussion shows how to keep your Windows 10 privacy as secure as possible.

Speed up your Windows Computer - January 1, 2016, Windows search may be slowing down your computer.  In this discussion we will turn it off.

Safely Remove A USB Device - On February 1, 2016 we discuss the proper way to remove a USB device.

File Explorer Tips - On April 1, 2016 I'll give you some tips about Windows 10 File Explorer.

Starting Windows 10 Safe Mode - May 1, 2016 I discuss how to start your computer in safe mode for troubleshooting purposes.

Changing A User Name - June 1, 2016 I discuss how to change a Windows user name.

Stop Videos From Autoplaying - On July 1, 2016 we discuss how to stop videos from starting automatically in your browser.

Organizing Passwords - August 1, 2016 I discuss how to organize your passwords.

Customizing Windows 10 File Explorer - My September 1, 2016 on how to customize Windows 10 File Explorer.

Managing Passwords - On October 1, 2016 I discuss how to manage passwords.

Passwords - My November 1, 2016 discussion on strong passwords.

Advanced Web Searching - My December 1, 2016 discussion on refining a web search.

Save Disk Space By Moving Apps - January 1, 2017 we discuss moving apps to an external drive to save hard drive space.

Windows 10 File Sharing - Need to know how to setup file sharing in Windows 10? This July 1, 2017 discussion will guide you through.

Password Reset Disk - October 1, 2017 I discuss creating a password reset disk.

Create A Windows Recovery Drive - My November 1, 2017 discussion on  creating a USB recovery drive.

5 Important Amazon Settings - My August 1, 2018 discussion on Amazon privacy settings.

Cleaning Up Your Disk Files - September 1, 2018 I discuss cleaning up files and folders on you drive.

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