Document Scanning Services

 Are you running out of storage space for: 

  • Tax Returns
  • GET Tax Forms
  • Real Estate Documentation
  • Inventory Documentation
  • Medical Records
  • Any type of business forms or documentation
  • Retirement or Financial Planning Documentation

Do you have problems or spend a lot of time, or man-hours attempting to locate stored documents?  Are your stored documents beginning to smell musty or turning color?

Have you looked through your records lately, only to find out that many of your Office Max, Costco, Home Depot, and many other receipts have faded into oblivion and are unreadable? 

Did you know that a CD holds approximately 20,000 letter size documents, and approximately 140,000 will fit on one DVD? 

Would it be more convenient and save you, or your employees a lot of time to be able to look up information quickly on the computer, rather than going through file cabinets or boxes?  With the searchable pdf format, you can search for the items or text you’re attempting to locate.

Would you like to eliminate the fire hazard and size requirements of storing your documentation, and have the convenience of printing it out later if you need it? 

If you would like to save you or your company hours of time spent locating documents, call us today for a free quote to solve your document storage needs.

Scanning sizes available from business card to legal (can be mixed)

Prices below are for documents with clear legibility and contrast.  We can also scan deteriorated documents, ask for pricing.

Pricing: (Regular pdf format, for searchable, please add $.10 per page)

Less than 50 documents - $.55 per page plus $10.00 CD fee

50 - 100 documents - $.45 per page.

Over 100 documents - $.40 per page.

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