• Internet and e-mail setup.
  • Consultations on new equipment purchases.
  • System cleanup and configuration "tweaks" to improve performance.
  • Software and operating system updates.
  • ADSL installation and speed improvement.
  • Networking assistance, both planning and installing.
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software conflicts and problems.
  • Virus eradication and clean up.

I can also provide the following services at competitive rates:

  • Image editing and scanning services.
  • Custom made CD's containing your graphics images or data files.
  • Web site changes and modification.



  • Though I don't build computers, as a service to my customers, I will troubleshoot and repair hardware related problems on your system.
  • If your hard drive is bad or you want to add a re-writable CD-ROM, I'll assist you with these types of items.
  • I will be happy to install your digital camera, personal organizer, scanner, or setup networking between computers.
  • I also provide consultation on new equipment purchases.


People sometimes don't realize there are more things to consider than appearance and price when purchasing a system. There are many compatibility problems which must also be considered. Sometimes a few dollars in the beginning can save much more money once you have put the system together with all the peripherals you want. Check out my Home page for discussions regarding these types of issues. As time goes on, I hope to be able to provide discussions on issues important to my clients.


Please Note: All information provided in The Help Desk web site is in easy to understand terms, in my opinion only, and may not necessarily be the only accepted answers or advice.  I will not be responsible for any problems caused from anyone making any configuration or hardware changes to their computer system resulting from information obtained from this web site.  Please contact me prior to using any content from this web site.