Windows Notepad program is another very useful little program. Sometimes you find yourself needing to edit a text file and don't want to use your work processor and go through the hassle of saving the file as a text only document.  This is where notepad comes in. You can find Notepad on Start, Programs, Accessories, then start Notepad.

Sometimes you have to edit a file which can't have any formatting, such as a Windows file which needs to be edited in order to correct a problem.  You would use notepad for this purpose.  In pre-Windows XP days, we found ourselves having to edit the autoexec.bat and config.sys files a lot so notepad was great for those files.  Most programs contain text files with updated information on the program, like compatibility and operation issues. The files are usually named readme.txt.  This means they are a text only file, so when you double-click on them to read them, they usually open up in Notepad.

Notepad is not meant to be a word processor.  It has very limited functionality and features.


As you can see, there are relatively few menu items and no buttons to use. You can insert the date and set word wrap, and that's about it. Again, it's a handy program for viewing and editing text only files.  It has not changes, so far, as Windows has evolved.


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