Windows XP Scanner & Camera Wizard

NOTE: Windows versions after XP dropped the scanner and camera wizard.  Later versions of Windows are better at installing scanner drivers and the software which comes with scanners interfaces well with Windows.

Windows Vista through Windows 10 update:  The scanner and camera wizard has changed a little in the newer versions of Windows.  It is still pretty straight forward to use.  It can be found under Windows Fax & Scan.  You won't be able to use the fax unless you have a modem in the computer.  Most newer computers don't have modems any more.  There are, however, USB modems available.


One of the good things in Windows is the Scanner and Camera Wizard.  Although, if you have an older scanner, the software won't work with Windows XP, the latest version of Windows is very good at detecting and setting up your scanner to work with the Windows software.  The only difference is, once you run the wizard and setup your scanner, when you do a scan, you save the picture to the hard drive and then open it with your graphics software to edit it.

To run the wizard, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, then double click on the Scanner and Camera Wizard.  Adding your scanner, if Windows hasn't already automatically detected it, is very straight forward.  After you scan something, and either see your preview, or just perform the scan, the window to the left pops up. Now you can give the picture a name, decide what format to save it in, and tell it where to save it.  After your done, just tell the software you are done, then start your graphics program and open the file for editing.  It's that easy.


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